Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Blog Begins

The day had to come. Even Procrastination deserves an end, like everything else.I have started typing the blog. Yay!

 My earlier blog at blogsource, which I wrote with greedy enthusiasm hoping for more and more comments, was shut down last year, and I haven’t written since. Blame it on work, bouts of brain inactivity and laziness like mentioned earlier…

 All writing, meanwhile, I have been doing is in the summary slides of  power point presentations, carefully crafted emails explaining why the clients TRPs went down …oh I forgot project proposals and analysis plans. The creativity and artistic freedom involved in the above activities is tragically nothing. Zilch. I am hoping to break free.. Kinda Hoping!

 There is so much to write when you think of it. Mumbai Terror Attacks,Global Recession, Indian Lay Offs, Indian Cricket…Of course I will write about them. Afterall, how tough is it going to be complaining the system and pointing out to audience that problem is with the fundementals of our society. Simple.

  But currently I am going to be happy with the fact that I have begun and pat myself for“A Hard Day’s Night”.. :J