Wednesday, March 23, 2016

4 years!

Wow! 4 years since i wrote something here. I miss writing as dedicating a time for a blog came from a certain sincerity to self. A blog is a better way to track one's evolution in day to day life and changing opinions and share it with a small base who would be interested in your life. Unsure if twitter or Facebook can do that. You post status messages and then they vanish amid other people's chaos.

I could have written a lot here as a lot has happened in the last 4 years - got married to a super woman, traveled to bucket-list ticking places on work, played a lot with my now 4 years old amazing nephew and now niece, thought of a lot of jokes,ideas which i am sure i have forgotten now. I improved a bit at work yet not much; friends got married- some are having kids; some have changed, some are the same. Could have documented these here but Facebook did capture them a bit and people commented & liked and instant gratified me. 

However i feel i have a lesser clarity than 4 years back on what i am. I am more confused when am 30, than i was when i was 20. I think this is in sync with world changing faster, and, suddenly there is too much exposure on every damn  topic and information overload. Like a primary teacher might ask "Is this a fish market?" I ask myself. Today, I feel like a tiny speck in the internet world and my opinion is all but gas . The brain feels like a 100 google chrome tabs opened at the same time and that  I am Alt+Tab'ing between one fleeting thought to the other.

I think for that reason I want to continue writing here to be in touch with myself and to be in touch with thinking properly.