Tuesday, June 16, 2009

flop blog :-(

This blog of mine is a flop. When the total number of views is mere 43 of which I am pretty sure my contribution is 30, you ought to realise we are dealing with a waste of the internet space here. I won’t be surprised today if I get a 5 day notice to stop this jibber from blogspot.com. Give me one more weeks time please, I will vacate with my family and the bed bugs too.

One reason I could attribute to this disaster is a problem I often find fight myself with of late. Its called ‘Lack of identity’. Identity Crisis. Ok the root cause for this mild dissatisfaction goes like this,… you visualize yourself to be a certain someone, a cool person with a certain sensitivity and joie de vivre perhaps..you expect your life to follow a certain path.. that kind of path with lots of nice flower gardens in your pathway.. meeting pleasant people.. Smiles..Camaraderie.. you want to be appreciated and celebrated for just being the average joe..but all that ever happens is the contrary. You are ready to be patient, willing to be optimistic.. and you find there is no purpose in being so. You are out of fuel.

Not that life throws a sudden shock at you. No Sir, its not an event.. It’s a process. The daily routine conquers you… your learning ceases, Stress of the personal and work. Your smile wanes. Mind is occupied with eternal problems. You consume alcohol because she tastes good and growns on you. Hangover irritates. You are caught in a bloody routine called the present.

Look at my earlier posts for instance, they are not funny, but, definitely trying to be funny (which irks the reader more) They are neither informative nor intelligent. They are trying to convey something but unable to because of certain lack of something. A Soul perhaps.That’s the same quandary am facing too.. lack of a soul.

I am too preoccupied with this blasted routine that I have no time to listen to my conscience.

A Change perhaps is the need of the hour, to retain the glory of the past , by glory I mean,.. To observe the normal with amusement, to give room to more perspectives, and not to kill the young chap in you..


Saturday, June 6, 2009

An evening at the Movies..

PVR, Phoenix Mills is awesome. Even a stupid movie in those huge recliners would make the overall experience nice. I saw the recent fast & furious there and slept comfortably. And, with this assurance in the back of my mind, I decided to go for the Star Trek. I have never followed the TV series or ever been a sci-fi fan. ET and Hitch Hikers to the Guide to the Galaxy were my only exposures to the outside world. The world where people flew as they drove Space ships and had big ears attached to large heads. I generally prefer normal humans going about their lives kind of movies. Some action, some comedy, some romance and item numbers don’t hurt too.

Anyways, I liked Star Trek. It was spectacular I thought. They managed to absorb this cynic into their movie. Tremendous achievement. I would rate it next to Wall-E and Dark Knight in the recent favorites. Everything was correct about the movie. Script, VFX or the message. The Climax was not powerful, but that’s cos they raised the expectations for a splendid one. Its like how a cricketer scores 100 in all the league games and screws it up in the finals. You shouldn’t blame him.

There was a particular scene I liked in Star trek, where Spark meets himself in the future. I was amused. The Older (and Wiser) Spark tells the young Vulcan that using logic was not the only way to take decisions, and that instincts and emotion should guide you or something to that effect. Profound thought, indeed. But what amused me more was the idea of meeting oneself in future. Meeting oneself in his past.

What would you tell yourself if you met your younger version 50 years from now? Today, What would I tell the Arun in school? What would I tell the Arun in College? The choices we made or the lessons I learnt.

Guess the pace, at which the present moment is taking us, we would sure reach the future speedier than our parents did. Maybe the difference being we are running, while our folks took a stroll. Before we realize we would be a bunch of oldies who had forgotten the simple things, done with the rat race and maybe running alone in each ones tracks.
I really would want to meet myself in the future. Would I be bald then?

These were the thoughts running in my mind as I returned from High Street Phoenix, Came back home to see England lost to Netherlands. Love it when England lose. I slept in peace.