Tuesday, June 16, 2009

flop blog :-(

This blog of mine is a flop. When the total number of views is mere 43 of which I am pretty sure my contribution is 30, you ought to realise we are dealing with a waste of the internet space here. I won’t be surprised today if I get a 5 day notice to stop this jibber from blogspot.com. Give me one more weeks time please, I will vacate with my family and the bed bugs too.

One reason I could attribute to this disaster is a problem I often find fight myself with of late. Its called ‘Lack of identity’. Identity Crisis. Ok the root cause for this mild dissatisfaction goes like this,… you visualize yourself to be a certain someone, a cool person with a certain sensitivity and joie de vivre perhaps..you expect your life to follow a certain path.. that kind of path with lots of nice flower gardens in your pathway.. meeting pleasant people.. Smiles..Camaraderie.. you want to be appreciated and celebrated for just being the average joe..but all that ever happens is the contrary. You are ready to be patient, willing to be optimistic.. and you find there is no purpose in being so. You are out of fuel.

Not that life throws a sudden shock at you. No Sir, its not an event.. It’s a process. The daily routine conquers you… your learning ceases, Stress of the personal and work. Your smile wanes. Mind is occupied with eternal problems. You consume alcohol because she tastes good and growns on you. Hangover irritates. You are caught in a bloody routine called the present.

Look at my earlier posts for instance, they are not funny, but, definitely trying to be funny (which irks the reader more) They are neither informative nor intelligent. They are trying to convey something but unable to because of certain lack of something. A Soul perhaps.That’s the same quandary am facing too.. lack of a soul.

I am too preoccupied with this blasted routine that I have no time to listen to my conscience.

A Change perhaps is the need of the hour, to retain the glory of the past , by glory I mean,.. To observe the normal with amusement, to give room to more perspectives, and not to kill the young chap in you..



Farting Pen said...

Ah. The quintessential 'lack-of-attention-depression' that every blogger faces when you start off a new blog.

I don't mean to be bragging. But if with a blog name like mine, if I was able to get nearly 6000 visitors and over 150 comments on my blog within 4 months, anyone can.

And about writing, I guess it pays to be yourself. If you are boring, be boring. Be so boring that if a cup of coffee reads your blog, it will fall asleep. I'm sure there ARE people who are constantly hunting for the most boring blogs to read and bore the boring content into their already boring lives.

And for a start, I am suggesting you publish the mosquito love story you wrote way back in 2003. That story made Romeo and Juliet look like the lead actors of a romantic comedy directed by the legendary TR Rajendran (For the uninitiated, I suggest you youtube his name).

Give your blog some time, dude. It is of course unfair to pray for a million visitors and twice as many comments with just 9 posts.

And one more question every blogger must answer to himself before he starts writing a blog: Are you writing to let something inside you out? Or are you writing to please the whole world?

P.S.: To put the previous question in perspective and in the words of Farting Pen, "Is your blog going to be where you masturbate or the place where you give blow jobs?"

kaushi said...

1) Your blog is not a flop Arun. may be people dint read it coz it wasnt on the top of their mind...so do better marketing and add the link to your status please
2) blog writing enna formula film edukara maathiriya...pucka script-oda ezhutha..you wrote wat you thought and went thru...and honesty appeals more than anything..;)
3) and hey ! i dont think I've read that mosquito lovestory of yours...why dont you post that on your blog as well!

Arun said...

thanks for the long comment dude.. most of what u said was right.." it stung like a bee and smelt like a fart.." mohammed ali woulda said

i was merely trying to say my blog is totally screwed cos i am totally screwed..:-D

As per why do we write a blog. i still maintain my confused state of identity crisis.. I dont know.. i dont know..!

rAAmA said...

even I have a sooper-flop blog

archith said...

Ask yourself this arun- do you judge your blog's worth by the number of visitors/comments it gets? do you place more importance in seeing the blog as the one space where you can express your thoughts or opinions, without being subjected to anyone's approval?

or perhaps is your blog like a time capsule, a snapshot of your mindframe as you move on the journey of life? maybe this is a chronicle of your life, through your eyes, which serve as a reminder of who you were, who you are now, and perhaps a portent of who you might be in the future.

questions over one's identity, worth are immemorial and distinguish human life from the routine dredgery of an insect life. keep at it and who knows, you may find the answers you are seeking, either within you or around you.