Monday, August 31, 2009

August Round Up

*Ok firstly copyright rights belong to Jayanth for the round up idea*

I have posted 9 posts this month, i am inordinately overjoyed cos i am in touch with one part of myself, Hope i better this next month. With better posts or even worse ones

Went to Chennai for a day, dint meet my friends, but bought lots of seedai, murukku and cashew pakkoda at krishna sweets in the airport. They were hidden in the room and clandestinely completed in 3 days.

Met my old roomie, was good catching up with the proud sardar

Pasanga is the best movie of the year, while kandawamy was a torture;
Kaminey and Love Aaaj kal, i liked both of em

Saw Batman Begins and Dark Knight (for 5th time i think) back to back with beer in hand, Saw Iron Man for the first time in HBO (Whattey Movie!), As per classics, saw "from here to eternity" and "pathways to glory", very very good movies

Work has been ok, freshers have joined, great fun pulling their legs, advicing and taunting them. Otherwise my work, like me, is stagnant without a purpose

Taught at a college for first time. Nice time as mentioned in the blog.

Have been too much into gtalk.. made a nice friend in mumbai, Need to make more of em. Need to meet more friends. need to cut down on gtalk, we are slaves of habit.

I feel my sense of humor is in trouble, i need to save it. Wodehouse save me!!! Vadivelu is my only source of comfort right now.

I missed my GF for ten days cos she was busy with her sisters wedding, She will call me tomorrow. Am a slave of habit, like i told earlier. (Good habit i mean)

Forgot Avani avattam. Heck i dont even have a poonal. My mom asked Why i dint have a poonal. I told her i am not keeping well and there is a lot of swine flu happeinig around. Succesfuly diverted the topic.

Went for a swine flu test at bandra, after a genuine suspicion. Those idiots wouldnt test me cos the govt allows only to test critical cases. I was wearing a mask and fought with the doc wearing a mask, seeking justice, both of us still dont know how the other actually looks.

My bro performed Ganesh Chaturthi pooja, by playing the Ganesh Pooja CD in his PS3, and i was given the duty of ding-dong'ing the holy bell (pooja mani), i got bored after sometime, gave the bell to bhabi and slept for 5 hours. She fed me kozha kattai and ulundhu vadai. May Ganapathi bless her.

Had quite an enlightening chat with my father over the phone, will blog about it. My dad is my ultimate teacher, except when he asks money for the education loan.

Yay! I finished my education loan!

Need to stop blogging about work life and rather write more about better things, for that i need to experience a lot more, I feel like a mass of cow dung at times, that's drying up.

September looks promising with a Hyderbad, Chennai and Bangalore trip in cards, Going to Chennai this weekend. Yay!

It might be a quite an eventful month for personal life.. hope its for the good. The Slog overs of the game has arrived, And in walks Sachin!!!

Thanks for your time, Happy Septemeber rowdies, rascals and pickpockets!!!

Mak boy!


Ganesh Jeyaraman said...

Wow!.. that was quite a round up..:)
.. avani avattam and swine flu.. topic change eh?.. lol..
and yeah seriously, at last, found someone apart from me, who liked both love aaj kal and kaminey...:D
good luck for Sep!

Vinay Sekhar said...

This Ganesh guy is quite a fellow!Dai when you coming to Blore in September... already half over!

Ganesh Jeyaraman said...

dai vinay, what .. no damaging on blogs ...