Sunday, August 16, 2009

News Prprpr! My name is Con!

As Sharukh Khan stresses on the fact that he was frisked, tortured in the Newark airport, one cant help notice how many times “just because my name is khan” appears in his press and TV interviews. As news channels splash this bit as headlines and news papers give it a liberal 1stpage, you and me, we have been made a ch***thya!

Why such a stunt? Was this entire stunt paid or free? Did a consultant make pie charts and suggest you this? We all know you are making a movie on how Muslims are being tortured in USA (are they any happier in India?), and that the entire premise for this karan johar saga would be revolving around your name being “Khan”, Sharukh Con suddenly acts like a messiah, as if he is ready to take on the US government. Mr. Karan Johar gives interviews supporting Sharukh.

Bollywoods obsession with free PR is irritating, remember when Aamir Khan was doing something in Narmada issue? And remember Rang de basanti was running in theatres?

Like my all time favorite Vadivelu says “Idhellam Room Pottu Yosipaangalo”


archith said...

SRK is like a 180 degree turn compared to Abdul Kalam, who personally never raised an issue over being frisked.

it's an unfortunate reality of this world, one which no doubt has played to the advantage of SRK and KJO. expect some huge award for SRK by the guily americans, to prove that they aren't racist. no sir.

SRK is the shilpa shetty for this season i think lol

Alifya said...

I don't agree with u in that this whole issue is a publicity stunt. I don't think SRK needs any kind of publicity for his movies. The fact that he stars in the movie is enough reason to pull the crowds. Though I do agree that the press generated was unwarranted.
Btw u have spelt his name wrong, its 'Shah Rukh Khan' :).

Pulavarthy said...

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